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APCW - Association of Players, Casinos and Webmasters

If you are involved in the gambling industry, you should know about the APCW. They are a special association built just for players, casinos and webmasters (like Basically, the APCW tries to keep the gambling industry clean and fair and to keep an honest environment for gamblers. This helps everyone because if you like gambling online, you certainly want to know you are getting fair odds and that the casinos aren't rigging their games - especially if you are playing blackjack online with real money.

APCW - Association of Players, Casinos and Webmasters

APCW was started in 2003 and founded by JTodd, a nickname of one of the webmasters involved in the industry. He also works with Anthony Telesca, who is an auditing director. Both of them teamed up with GPWA (Gambling Portal Webmasters Association). Some of the things they do are perform audits and collect feedback from various online casinos. We only want to credit casinos with integrity and keep the industry transparent to keep out the bad guys and shady companies.

These associations may seem important only to webmasters and gambling portals but they are paramount for players as well. We are the guys promoting and acting as a gateway to various online casinos and it is important that webmasters are promoting only reputable and fair casinos, not crooked ones. So being involved with these associations allows everyone to win in the industry, including players who know they are playing at regulated and safe casinos.

APCW Perspectives Weekly Video

APCW has some interesting videos relating to the online gaming industry. The most famous and longest running series is known as "Perspectives Weekly". The videos are shown below for your viewing pleasure.

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