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Blackjack Tips / Advice

If you want to win at blackjack, these tips may help out your game a little bit. Besides these tips, there are also strategies and other information about playing blackjack on some of the other pages on this site. Just check out some links below for more information.

Basic Strategy Tips

The first tip is to follow the basic blackjack strategy. Basic strategy is a method used by players to get the best mathematical edge over the casino. Certain moves give you better odds and payouts over the long term and if you want to maximize your winnings and play longer, then it is wise to follow this tip. This strategy isn't that hard to learn. This is also the same information that is printed on those strategy "cheat" charts. If you would like to learn about it, check out our basic blackjack strategy page.

Never Take Insurance Except During Card Counting

Insurance is a choice that the dealer gives players when the face up dealer card is an ace. There is a high probability that a ten will be drawn to make a 21 blackjack. So the dealer will let the player pay a small insurance fee which ensures that the player's bet will be returned if the dealer does get a blackjack. This may sound like a good deal, but the overall house edge goes way up because of this and it is the wrong move.

The only exception to this tip is when card counting. If you are counting cards, you may notice that the density of ten cards could be very high. This is when the insurance bet may improve your edge. Basically when you are card counting, the house edge is dynamically changing. So in some cases, it may be mathematically correct to take the insurance in order to win more often.

Tips on Managing Your Bankroll

The general rule of thumb is not to go betting on a table with a bet size more than 1/20 the size of your bankroll. You don't want to lose all your money so quickly. At the same time, it is an advantage to the card counter as well. You need to be able to stay in the game long enough to get some hints at what the card count is. Plus you don't want to start playing blackjack, lose all your money and have to leave the casino in only 10 minutes. It makes the game more enjoyable for anyone by following this tip.

Tip the Blackjack Dealer

Not only is this good etiquette, it can also help improve your game. Blackjack dealers often times work for low wages and rely on good tips. This generous act will usually make the dealer place your interest first and will often make the rest of the night more convenient. There are a few benefits for doing this such as a friendlier dealer who may give off "tells" throughout the game if they see their own cards. Also, they may not shuffle the deck as often in order to keep you happy, which is great for card counters. In extreme cases when tipping a lot, casinos may even give you comps due to your respect. Therefore dealer tips can have some real advantages.

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