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Blackjack Strategy Cards

Strategy charts used in blackjack are colorful tables that show all the possible card combinations between you and the dealer. With each combination, the strategy chart tells the player what the best move is. The decisions can range from hitting, standing, splitting, double down and more. Each choice is also mathematically the correct move to make in order to bring you the best odds.

Blackjack strategy cards are used as an aid for basic blackjack strategy in deciding what the correct moves are. You may be surprised to learn that it is perfectly legal to bring a blackjack strategy card into a casino and fully display it on the blackjack table and play along with it. In fact, many casinos even sell laminated cards inside their buildings because of how popular they are. The reason they do this is because even though the cards give you the best mathematical advantage, they still do not beat the house edge no matter what. It's not a form of cheating.

Benefits of a Blackjack Strategy Card

The strategy cards help new players learn basic strategy. There are a lot of moves to make and the cards display it in a simple fashion. Also, all the correct blackjack moves are printed right there so you have a quick guide to reference by in case you don't remember something.

Are Strategy Charts Legal?

As said before, they are legal because it doesn't improve your edge over the casino. The things that casinos don't like to see is card counting. Someone who knows how to card count could actually use the charts to aid them. This would be the only reason a casino wouldn't allow players to bring a blackjack strategy chart with them. Even card counting itself is supposed to be legal unless you are using an aid such as a mini-computer or something other than your head. That may include a strategy card as well. So if you are card counting, don't get caught or else don't use the chart while being caught!

Charts can easily be found online or can be bought in a hard laminated copy for a few bucks. If you are serious about learning some real strategy, I would recommend practicing blackjack at an online casino while using a strategy card in order to get the feel for it.

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