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Mac Blackjack

This page is exclusively for those who own a Mac. Macintosh, Apple and Linux users have likely had a hard time finding casino software out there that is compatible with the Mac. Mac is an excellent operating system and usually has much better security and safety than Windows XP and Vista. The main reason behind this how programs execute. Mac runs programs differently than Windows so there is a huge compatibility problem.

Macintosh and Linux Compatible Blackjack 21

Most programs used by windows are run by an executable file (.exe). When you download an online casino to play games such as blackjack, the downloaded file is usually a .exe executable file. Macintosh doesn't use these kinds of files so it is impossible to run them, they are simply incompatible with Mac. Some solutions around this problem includes a type of emulator program. It's a lot like a virtual Windows PC where it "tricks" the program into running.

This is sometimes a hassle because even these Microsoft emulator programs can cause problems in the Mac and may not even be compatible. If you do get them to work, you can pretty much operate any online blackjack software and casinos in your Mac OS. Sometimes this can be a very advanced project setting up these emulators, especially if you are not good with computers and software.

Nowadays, there are finally casinos out there that offer Mac compatible blackjack online (including all casinos featured on our site). CasinoMax and Cherry Jackpot casinos are some of the best casinos to play blackjack on the internet. They even accept US players (as of 2015) and credit card deposits and they offer many variations of blackjack. They are powered by Real Time Gaming (RTG) software so the gameplay and graphics are utterly amazing. I would have to set these places as the new higher standard today. In addition, players can play mobile blackjack for money with just about any device out there, including Android, iPhone, Ipad and thousands of others.

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