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Paroli Betting System

The Paroli betting system is extremely similar to the Parlay betting system and even a special case of the Parlay system. Paroli is the true opposite of the Martingale betting system as well but it is not as conservative as the Parlay system. Paroli is a positive progression betting system where players bet more money as they win more hands of blackjack.

How the Paroli Positive Betting System Works

Since this style uses positive progression when wagering, it means that players with any sized bankroll can participate using the Paroli bet management system. For example, the system first starts by making a blackjack bet, such as the minimum wager requirement. When you win the bet, you use all of your profit on top of the original bet as the next wager in progression. You are essentially doubling your money on every win as your bet increases.

There is a slight difference between the Parlay and Paroli betting systems due to the percentage used in future bets. Paroli uses 100% of your profits. So when you make a $1 bet and win, you would win $2. The next bet would use this entire profit plus the original bet ($2 total) and a win would bring this to $4 and your winnings would keep doubling after every win. If you lose on the original $1 bet, your next bet is still $1. The goal of this system and all other positive betting systems is to increase your bet when progressively winning hands.

When to use the Paroli Betting System in Blackjack

Players should use the Paroli betting system when looking for a safe system or when they have a small bankroll. This is perhaps one of the safest bet management systems around, but you have to know when to stop betting and cash in some profit instead of trying to win too many streaks. The disadvantage about the Paroli system is if you win a lot of blackjack hands and start betting it all, you could end up with no profits if you lose one hand in the streak. It's this fact that makes the Parlay system slightly better in this regard.

The paroli strategy works a lot like a ladder where each rung of the ladder doubles your money. Eventually, you have to plan on deciding what rung will be the last bet and then cash out and start at the bottom of the ladder again. The odds of winning more than 10 hands in a row are extremely low and you would have won over $1000 at this time using the Paroli system. If you went and made a single $1000 bet, the odds of losing it all would be very high. The trick would be to end the paroli running streak here and then start the ladder over at the $1 bet and try doing it again!

Like the Parlay system, the Paroli betting system works great with card counting and the basic blackjack strategy. If you can get the edge over the house, you are guaranteed to win in the long run. Using one of these betting systems only makes your winnings much greater depending on how long you play your winning streaks without losing your entire bet.

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