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Brian Zembic - Blackjack and Gambling Profile - $100,000 Breasts

One of the most interesting players in blackjack, gambling and in the field of crazy bets is a man named Brian Zembic. He is a professional gambler who is known for exceptionally outrageous bets or "dares" that people make up. He is also known as "A guy who would do anything to win a bet" and we will show you a few wise and unwise bets that he did. In fact, one of these bets gave him the title of "The Man with $100,000 breasts", so you know there is something "interesting" about this guy.

Brian Zembic - Blackjack Gambler with Breasts Bet

First, here is a little bit about his personal life: Brian Zembic was born in 1961 in the city of Winnipeg Canada or the territory of Manitoba. He makes are career out of being a professional high stakes gambler, specifically in the games of blackjack and also backgammon. Zembic wasn't that bad of a player either but it was not necessarily his skills that made him so famous as you will soon see.

The Man with $100,000 Breasts and Boobs

Brian Zembic was also into magic and became an amateur magician (later became a professional). It was during his magic days when a friend of his, named Jobo, were talking about why women would want to go so far as to get breast transplants just to please their man. Jobo was also a backgammon player by the way. So Brian responded along the lines that the implants were not such a big deal and they weren't so bad. In response to that, Jobo made the suggestion that he would pay Zembic $100,000 if he got breast implants.

There were a few conditions to the deal though. All of the costs going into surgery would be paid for by Zembic and the breast size had to be a minimum of 38C. If Brian Zembic went through with the deal, he would also have to keep the boobs for a whole 1 year before removing the breast implants. Jobo would put the hundred grand into a type of escrow account. At first, no one took the wager seriously, as if it was just a joke. Still, they would joke about it once in awhile when women with big breasts walked past them.

Things changed late in 1996 though. Zembic was talked into buying some stocks that Jobo told him about, but Jobo was selling all of his money at about the same time while Brian invested $125,000 into that same stock. Within about a week, the stock crashed and Zembic lost roughly $30,000. Not surprisingly, he was upset with Jobo for talking him into buying a crappy stock and losing a ton of money in a single week. So Zembic started to flirt with accepting the original breast implant bet that they talked about before. Jobo rebuffed that idea and claimed that Zembic waited too long to accept. They needed an arbitration council of sorts to settle the matter.

The "Titty Tribunal" deliberation of independent gamblers

To determine whether the bet was on or off, an independent tribunal of various gamblers were summoned to a Chinese restaurant. 5 minutes of deliberation took place before a decision was made that the bet was legit and ready to be activated. This tribunal has come to be known officially as the "Titty Tribunal".

Brian Zembic - Man With Breasts and Boobs

Shortly after, Brian Zembic got in touch with a plastic surgeon (who happened to be another gambling buddy) to get things in order with the transplants. It turns out that the costs would be $4,500 for the operation, which amounted to 4.5% of the $100k that he was supposed to win. He didn't like that idea so he challenged the doctor to a few games and wagers on backgammon in order to cover the costs. Zembic was successful in his gamble and the the costs were taken care of.

Finally, sometime in October, Zembic went in for the surgery. The procedure doesn't sound too pretty, but the plastic pouches, each containing about a pound of saline, were implanted through his nipples and the job was done.

The rest is history and he got through the entire year. Then things started to get odd when he started going for 13 months, 16 months and then even longer without taking out the implants, even though he already won the money. Ironically, he claims that he doesn't mind them as he originally stated before the bet took place. He also said that women were impressed and sometimes get turned on by them as well. There is also a whole book called "The Man with the $100,000 Breasts" that centers around Zembic and was written by Michael Konik. Zembic actually continues to make money from the book and promotional uniqueness. It also makes him a unique magician of sorts.

Brian Zembic showing his breasts on the Man Show - Other Bets

Millions of people saw Zembic on the Man Show with Jimmy Kimmel along with Adam Corolla. If you knew about this guy before, you probably found out about him from this show. The hosts of the show offered to give him $100 to show off his breasts.

Brian Zembic on the Man show

One other notable wager was offered by his buddies to live in a bathroom for 1 month in exchange for $14,000. The payout was certainly good by making that much money in a single month (roughly $466 per day), but his friends offered another side-bet of $7,000 after Zembic staying in a bathroom for only 4 days. He could win the prize if he walked out and he did after just 4 days. Logically, this came out to be $1750 per day and Zembic knew this was a good move.

Brian Zembic is still doing well and is still making bets to this day. You will usually find him doing online gambling at casinos over the internet, playing blackjack, doing magic shows and making his strange bets again. In fact, you can view many of his daily activities and strange bets over at Brian Zembic's Twitter Page. Currently, he is in Vegas so check this out and see what he is up to. Tell him we said hi!

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