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Blackjack Strategy When Playing a Hard 8 or Less

Hit: Always hit when you have a hard 8 or a hard hand total less than 8.

Why to hit on a hard 8

Because the objective is to get 21, the highest card you could hit would be an 11, which would not make you bust. Recall the most important blackjack strategy: there are more tens in play than any other card, therefore your chances of getting a ten is better than any other card so you are more likely to get an 18, which is decent if you have a hard 8, but not a powerful hand yet.

Keep in mind that a hard 6 is the worst possibly hard hand you can get in blackjack. The reason is if you hit and get a ten, you then have a 16. The dealer can stand on 17 so that is the worst combination. Also, if you try hitting again, you will likely bust with another ten and get a 26.

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