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Revere Point Card Counting System

The Revere Point count is another one of the best systems invented by Lawrence Revere. Again, this one was also made popular in the book called "Playing Blackjack as a Business", which was written by Lawrence as well. The system is technically an advanced level II strategy and is used by moderately skilled players. Like all multilevel count systems, it does take some experience to learn.

When playing the Revere point card counting system, the level 2 properties mean that you need to keep track of five numbers assigned to each card. The distribution ranges from (-2,-1,0,+1,+2). This is basically the hardest part of an advanced count when trying to remember all these point values. There is a huge benefit to using this system though. There is a shocking 99% correlation to betting, which is a nearly perfect card counting system in this regard.

First of all, the indices or index is shown below. One column tells you the card value and the other side of the chart shows the point value assigned to these cards. This point value is what you need to keep track of in a mental count in order to see how well your advantage is against the house.

Card Value Points
2 +1
3 +2
4 +2
5 +2
6 +2
7 +1
8 0
9 0
10 -2
J -2
Q -2
K -2
A -2

The conclusion of many people says that this system is the best one to use when playing blackjack using shoes or multiple decks of cards. There is some evidence to suggest that the Zen Count has done a slightly better job than 99%, only while using full indexes though. The difference is negligible at best for all practical purposes though. The Revere Point Count (RPC) has been played using the side-count technique for the aces as well, especially when playing a single deck. Again, it is nearly impractical to do and really does not have any noticeable effects on your great advantage plays.

The point count system is also balanced, which means you should start your count at zero and also end the count at 0 after you have played through a complete deck from freshly shuffled to being completely dealt. In a way, this is great for new players to learn how to count cards by having this reference to gauge if the count was accurate. Although, sometimes you need to make conversions between the running count and true count with nearly all balanced systems. This simple formula is just dividing your running count by the total number of decks.

Remember that the main goal is to bet high when your count is high and positive and then make smaller wagers when the count is low and negative. The high count corresponds to larger card sizes like nines, tens and aces. This also means there are more of these cards in the un-dealt deck than any other card and this benefits the players more than the dealer. The benefits mean that your mathematical odds and edge is greater than that of the casinos.

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