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Revere Advanced Point Count (RAPC) System

The Revere Advanced Point Count or RAPC is one of the most advanced and complicated card counting systems around. It is an advanced Level IV (level 4) system and like all multilevel counting strategies, this one will take a lot of skill to learn. The level 4 means that players need to keep track of a giant index ranging from negative four to positive four (-4,-3,-2,-1,0,+1,+2,+3,+4). This is an incredible nine numbers that are assigned to the card values in the deck, although the +1 and -2 are not assigned to a card, which is one more thing to remember.

This is also a balanced system, meaning that when you start your count at zero when the deck is freshly shuffled, the count will also end at 0 when the deck has been completely dealt out. The Revere RAPC also requires a conversion between the running count and true count because of this balanced property. To make things slightly easier, the aces are recognized in the count so you do not need to make a second side count of the aces.

The advanced indices are shown below in the table. This chart displays the distribution count values assigned to each kind of card. So when a card is dealt, you just add or subtract these values to your running count, which you are counting in your head. This system is designed for the most advanced players and experts in blackjack, which requires great skills in mathematics for remembering all of these.

Card Value Points
2 +2
3 +3
4 +3
5 +4
6 +3
7 +2
8 0
9 -1
10 -3
J -3
Q -3
K -3
A -4

Fortunately, this system is somewhat obsolete. The RAPC card counting system was invented between 1971 and 1974 by Lawrence Revere and it was once popular by the most serious card counters. Surprisingly, the much simpler systems are just as strong and easier to keep track of. As you might imagine, a player trying to remember all of this information will quickly become fatigued and burned out. After a short amount of time, this effect will impair counting abilities and will greatly increase your chances of making a mistake.

To be honest, most people do not use this system and they get better results. Unless you are one of the world's greatest players and a genius in math, this system is very impractical. If you truly want to know its power, it is actually the only card counting system with a perfect 100% betting correlation. Still, you can get 99% correlation with betting by using a level one system where you only have three numbers in the indexes rather than a stunning nine in level 4.

Like all counting systems, the Revere RAPC works by having the players make bigger wagers when the count is high. This corresponds to more large valued cards such as 10s and aces in the deck. When there are more tens in the deck, this benefits the players more than the dealer in terms of better probability odds and advantage edge over the house. This is when you are to bet more and big. Likewise, when the advanced count is low or negative, then the odds shift to favor the dealer and you will know when to make smaller bets. It is also important to be following basic strategy at the same time in order to have a perfect game and ensure that you have the maximum and most efficient odds possible while playing blackjack.

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