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Free Atlantic City Blackjack

Atlantic City blackjack is another popular version of traditional 21 blackjack. As you may know, Atlantic City is perhaps the most well known casino town in the world besides Las Vegas. This is where Atlantic City originated and got the name. Now you can play free Atlantic City blackjack on your browser using Flash, Shockwave and Macromedia plug-ins. This game works on both Mozilla Firefox and IE Internet Explorer.

Play Free Flash 21 Black Jack

Atlantic City is a game that uses 8 decks of cards in the shoe. The rules vary from traditional blackjack in that the dealer must stand on soft 17's and the player can double down on any of the two cards. Like the other blackjack flash games, players can double down after a split, but late surrender is also allowed. The player is also allowed to split up to three hands as well. This game is also one of the few games where the late surrendering option is actually involved in the basic strategy. In fact, you are supposed to surrender when you have a 15 vs. a dealer 10, and when you have a 16 against a dealer 9, 10 and ace. This improves your odds and lowers the overall house edge over the long term. In just about every other blackjack variation, the strategy is to never use the surrender option.

These rule changes provide some advantages and disadvantages to the player as in all 21 games. If you would like to give Atlantic City blackjack a try, then click on the image at the bottom of this article. You will be able to instantly play this game in a matter of seconds and no download is required. Then you are all set to play free blackjack. Although if you are up to it, you can also deposit cash and play for real money with no problems.

Free flash Atlantic City blackjack uses Microgaming technology and is both browser-based and downloadable. The game is great for practicing or gambling and offers a house edge of 0.36%, which is very impressive compared to other types of blackjack and is one of the reasons Atlantic City blackjack is so popular. In fact, the good odds available to the player are better than most Vegas odds.

Atlantic City, New Jersey Casinos

Atlantic City uses a slightly different strategy due to these odds and it is best to use basic strategy. You can usually card count if were actually in Atlantic City, New Jersey playing in a land based casino. Although in the internet version of online blackjack, the deck is usually shuffled after every hand. Since this is computer-based, then it's quite easy to do. So card counting won't work online, but basic strategy still works just as good as it gives you all the correct mathematical moves in order to maximize your odds.

Atlantic City, New Jersey has many well known Atlantic City casinos such as the Trump Marina Hotel and Casino, Caesar's Atlantic City Casino, Trump Taj Mahal, Harrah's, Hilton, Tropicana, Showboat, Bally's Hotel and Casino and a few other good ones. This city is well known for high stakes blackjack with high betting limits and expensive tables. There are more than 700 tables throughout the city as well, but the laws are different than in Nevada. The rules and conditions of the games can be controlled by the casino management. A very interesting law there says that it is illegal to let skilled blackjack players into the casino (card counters). To fight the card counters, they limit them to flat bets, or making them bet the same amount all night long.

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