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Free Vegas Downtown Blackjack

Vegas downtown blackjack is one of many variations of the traditional 21 game. This game is sometimes known as Glitter Gulch and originated in Las Vegas Nevada on the downtown strip. Glitter Gulch has some of the best odds of other blackjack games. Vegas downtown uses two decks of cards making it great for card counters in Vegas. Although in our free flash game, card counting is useless because Microgaming reshuffles the deck after every hand. Otherwise this game is fun to play anyways and it's free.

No Download Blackjack 21

This version of the 21 game is called downtown, which is slightly different than just Vegas 21 blackjack. The house edge is an excellent 0.4%, which gives you extremely good odds. Note that every variation of 21 has a different house edge and payout odds. Vegas downtown blackjack is one of these good ones. Now you can play the no download version, which means you don't have to download any software into your computer or PC.

"No download" Vegas downtown blackjack uses flash, shockwave or macromedia software tools to run your game depending on what browser you are using and what plug-ins you have installed. You can play the game right on your browser for free and the graphics are amazing. The best part about this client is the fact that you can play free blackjack and no deposit is required, although you can still deposit money and play for real if you wanted to. The concept is very convenient and it's great if you just want to practice your game or try out a few strategies without having to download a casino in order to do it. You can even play slots, other table games and blackjack games too.

The rules of Vegas downtown blackjack are simple and similar to the original 21 game. Dealer must hit on soft 17 and players can double down. Also, players can double down after splitting cards, which is a big advantage to the player and decreases the house edge. For example, if you double down after splitting, you can get a 0.1% edge over the house. Players can re-split pairs and can re-split up to three hands. All of these different options increase your odds.

Downtown Las Vegas Casinos

These extra free Vegas downtown blackjack advantages are hard to come by. It is sometimes rare to find this game in the real land based casino because the odds are so good. You will find this game in downtown Las Vegas of course, as it is in the name of this game. A few good Vegas casinos are Gold Spike, Fremont, Four Queens, Golden Nugget, Lady Luck, California, Binions, Caesar's Palace, MGM, Wynn Resort and countless others. Many of these places even offer single deck Vegas blackjack. If you even get a chance, try visiting some of these resorts and casinos after you practice our free flash version.

Usually the single deck blackjack versions of 21 will give you the best odds and lower the house edge to almost nothing. One thing to watch out for with single deck games is what the blackjack pays out. Some blackjack tables offer 6 to 5 odds instead of the typical 3 to 2 odds. Never play at the 6 to 5 odds table unless you know that there are other rule changes that give benefits back to the player. This means that a blackjack pays out less than a 3 to 2 odds, or $6 for every $5 wagered instead of winning $3 for every $2 betted. This gives the casino a bigger edge.

Vegas downtown casinos also have low betting limits on their tables. Some even offer limits as low as $2 per hand. If you play online for real money, then it's common to have a minimum betting limit of $1 or even less than a dollar such as $0.10 ten cent bets. Many people like to play free blackjack and often times small betting limits. Either way, the internet Vegas downtown blackjack can be played for free and is a great source for practicing the game.

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