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Free Double Exposure Blackjack

Double exposure blackjack is a very interesting variation of the original blackjack 21 game. In this game, players can actually see both dealer cards, giving them a huge advantage. Normally the dealer hole card is face down and the player can only base their strategy off of the one dealer up card. So both dealer cards are exposed. This is a pretty fun game, but the casino changes some of the game rules in order to bring back the house edge so they can make a profit. Some of these rule changes are actually pretty big.

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The first major rule change is that the dealer always wins during a tie except for a blackjack. This means that any "push" in normal a normal 21 game would actually be a loss in double exposure 21. The other big rule variation has to do with getting a natural blackjack. Normally a natural pays out 3 to 2 odds, or $3 for every $2 wagered. In double exposure, a natural blackjack only pays out 1 to 1 odds, which greatly increases the house edge.

These rule changes are essentially a correction to account for the huge advantage of seeing the exposure of both dealer cards. If you would like to play this game right now, just click on the image at the bottom of the article. You will then be able to instantly play flash-based free blackjack in a separate browser window in full screen. The graphics are pretty amazing for a flash game so I have a feeling you will really like this! You will be able to play free double exposure blackjack, but you can deposit cash and play for real money too if want to.

Another common name for this game is Dealer Exposure blackjack or Face Up 21, which follows the same rules as this game. As a matter of fact, this game is also found at many land based casinos Including Vegas, Reno and Atlantic City. There are also minor rule variations depending on what casino or location you play at. Usually these differences are in regards to splitting and double down rules, but they aren't major.

Dealer Disclosure - Face Up 21 - Free Flash Games

Double exposure can have a house edge of as low as 0.20% depending on the rules. Bob Stupak is the man who invented double exposure blackjack and was once the owner of the Stratosphere casino and Vegas World casino. The free flash 21 game uses Microgaming software and can also be played using Macromedia or Shockwave media platforms. The flash version of double exposure blackjack has a house edge of 0.69% so it's right in the middle in terms of house advantage. It's not the best but not the worst.

The free double disclosure game on this page doesn't require a download or a deposit. You can still practice with Microgaming technology and play the flash game. You can still get a huge advantage out of using basic strategy, which tells you all the mathematically correct moves to maximize your odds. Although you can't use card counting techniques with online versions of double exposure blackjack. This is because the computer reshuffles the deck after every hand in order to prevent card counting, especially if you are playing for real money.

You can use card counting at land based casinos to gain an edge over the house though and it could have some pretty good effects with double disclosure advantages as well. The basic strategy is slightly different because of the face up 21 rule changes. Because you lose on a tie, you should always hit when you know there is a tie with the dealer. For example, if you have a 19 and the dealer has a 19 as well, the correct move is to take a hit, even though you have a killer hand. Normally this would be crazy because if you go over 21, you go bust and lose. With double exposure blackjack, you would lose with a tie so you have to keep this in mind.

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