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Free Flash Blackjack Strategy Guide

This free blackjack strategy guide is just a general run down of the basic strategy. If you landed on this page, you'll be able to read our comprehensive and in-depth guide to blackjack by following the links at the bottom of the page. The general concept of blackjack is quite simple. The objective is to get 21 points without going over and to beat the dealer's score at the same time.

There are three main types of hands that the guide revolves around. Soft hand strategy, hard hand strategy and pair hand strategy. These topics are essential to playing a good game and winning more often over the long run. You can also get the best mathematical odds possible by essentially playing a "perfect" game by these strategies as well and card counting can improve your odds even more in order to beat the house edge.

Many folks can use strategy cards or charts which show all the best moves for every situation where the player receives cards and the dealerhas one upcard and one hole card facing down. This free strategy guide gives the logic behind each situation and the reason why a player makes certain moves.

As a rule of thumb, always hit on hard 8 or lower and stand on hard 17 or more. This is one of the easiest rules to remember and simple to memorize. The next rule to remember is to double down on 9, 10 and 11 (ace). Because there are more tens in the deck, the player has a much higher probability of hitting a ten and getting a strong hand. Another great decision is to always split when you have a pair of aces regardless of what hand the dealer has. You have the highest potential of getting two blackjacks in a single hand.

The next strategies become a little more advanced and complicated and it may be wise to make up some flash cards in order to learn how to memorize blackjack moves. Stiff hands or bad hard hands are always a pain to deal with. The worst hands you can get are a stiff 12, 13, 14, 15, 16 unless the dealer has a stiff card and has a good probability of going bust.

This guide should be able to start you off on learning blackjack methods and what to do on every hand. Write up some flash cards and write questions such as what you would do when the dealer card is showing a certain number or how to play particular hands. Check out some of the related topics below to learn the full detailed strategies. More importantly, visit our free flash blackjack pages to actually practice these strategies. The best way to learn and practice strategies is to actually play the game and test them out yourself with our flash programs.

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