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Free Super Fun 21 Blackjack

Super fun 21 is another well known variation of blackjack 21. Again, it has small variations in the rules and has different features which make it a fun game to play. Super fun actually has a high house edge compared with different variations of traditional 21. This game is played using single or double deck. As a general rule of thumb for super fun 21 and any other blackjack games: The less decks that are in play corresponds to a smaller house edge and better payout odds for you.

No Download Super Fun 21

Super fun has a disadvantage in one of its rules. A natural blackjack pays out 1 to 1 odds or even money. Although if you have a diamond flush (diamond suit) blackjack, you are paid 2 to 1 odds, which is actually better than typical 21 games. Also, players are allowed to double down after splitting and can even re-split after splitting the cards up to 4 hands! Finally, any five card hand that totals 21 points will pay out 2 to 1 odds just like the diamond flush, which is a super deal. A great bonus that makes this game really fun is when you have a 6 card hand that adds up to less than 20 points. You will automatically win the hand regardless of what the dealer has.

You can practice super fun 21 by clicking on the image below. A new browser window will open up and you will be able to play the flash version of this game instantly in full screen. Not only will you be able to play free super fun 21 for as long as you want, you can also deposit cash and play for real money. Also, you can play all the other varieties of blackjack and even other casino games like slots and roulette. This game also uses Microgaming technology and can operate on Macromedia and Shockwave too.

So all of these extra benefits in this game will offset the disadvantages created by the house. Therefore you have a pretty fun blackjack game to play with good odds, but not the best. You can also use basic strategy with super fun blackjack and get as good of a mathematical edge as you can. However, you can't apply card counting in this internet version of the game because the computer reshuffles the cards after every hand. You can use card counting with super fun 21 at a land based casino and beat the house edge.

no download super fun blackjack
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