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Atlantic City Blackjack

Atlantic City blackjack is a variation of blackjack that originates in Atlantic City, Georgia. This game is traditionally played using eight (8) standard 52 card decks of cards. This game is land based in origin but may be played online at a few online casinos. What makes this game special is the fact that it is hard to find in online casino and is one of the rare and unique types of blackjack.

Learn how to play Atlantic City blackjack

The game starts after shuffling the 8 deck shoe. Just like any other game of blackjack, the Atlantic City style game has a highest possible hand of 21. This game also pays $3 for every $2 bet, or 1.5 times the betting stakes. First, the player is dealt 2 cards faced up and the dealer will get one card face up and the other card is faced down. The face down card is commonly known as the hole card. Atlantic City blackjack is an American hole card game.

Blackjack rules and strategies to win Atlantic City games

When the player gets a 21 by the sum of the first two cards dealt, this is known as a blackjack and the player will win 150% of the bet. If the player gets a twenty one sum of more than 2 cards, this is called a soft 21 and does not qualify as a blackjack. In this game, players may double down, meaning they can wager a bet equal to the current bet on the table. Although the rule states that a player can only double down when the two first cards are dealt.

Doubling down is a great strategy for online Atlantic City blackjack. When a player has 2 cards that add up to 10 or 11, this is the best time to double down. The reason a player doubles down on these two numbers is because there are more 10s in a deck of cards than any other number because the Jack, Queen and King cards are equal to 10. A player can also never go bust, or draw a card that brings the sum over 21. The ace in this game can act as an 11 or 1 in this game of blackjack. In this game, the dealer must stand on a soft 17, which is a sum of 17 made by more than two cards. The player also has the option to surrender and receive half of the original bet.

Online Atlantic City blackjack tutorials

The game is quite simple to learn how to play. There is no better way to learn Atlantic City blackjack by reading this article than to actually play a practice game. Jackpot Factory group casinos such as Cherry Jackpot and Slots Capital have tutorials and a learning guide for each game of blackjack. Players can play free casino games with fake play money. When one has enough confidence, they can play these games for real money as well.

Atlantic City "cheat sheet" strategy card for blackjack

A cheat sheet is a strategy card that gives the player the best odds and the best mathematical and statistical odds of winning in blackjack. The strategy card gives all the possible best moves a player can make for any dealt cards for the dealer and the player, every single combination. The card shows what a player's next move should be to give them the best chance of winning any hand of blackjack.

Cherry Jackpot among a few others has these cheat sheet blackjack strategy cards built into every single blackjack game. Players who plays at Cherry Jackpot or any Jackpot Factory casino can access any blackjack game and press the "strategy" button to view these cheat cards. Yes, you read right, the casino itself has this built directly into the software! Players no longer have to search around the internet or print off these cards, it's all in the game itself and there is a strategy card for internet Atlantic City blackjack.

VIP Club and Atlantic City high roller blackjack

Jackpot Factory has an exclusive high end online casino for VIPs called Viper Casino. Players who sign up for one of the Cherry Jackpot brands can ask for an invitation to join this VIP suite. This casino allows players to make very high bets and much higher betting maximums than regular online casinos. Any Atlantic City VIP players who are looking for casinos that hold very high stake blackjack should really look into this. The information is located at Cherry Jackpot under the VIP Lounge tab.

Bonuses and promotions for Atlantic City blackjack

Cherry Jackpot is offering a $4000 welcome bonus for new players. This is a match bonus that starts at 400%. So if a player deposits $100, Cherry Jackpot will match $400 more onto that for a total grand bankroll of $500 to gamble with. This bonus is up to $4000, and even more periodic bonuses are available for players who continue to deposit and play games. This bonus is not only for playing Atlantic City blackjack, but can be used for any other games such as slots, roulette, craps and many more games. The casinos below also allow and accept US players to gamble and place bets with real money.

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