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High Streak European Blackjack

European high streak blackjack is just one of the many variations of blackjack being offered at CasinoMax casino. Since this is a European version, this would not be an American hole card game, but US players can still play at the casinos that offer this game. There are a few major differences in this game from regular blackjack. One is the number of decks and the other is the high streak bonus game play.

High streak blackjack bonus and rules

High streak European blackjack uses two standard decks of 52 cards. In this game, players can make side bets that let the player win more money for a longer streak of wins. This is known as the high streak bonus win. The rules of the streak bonus consist of first placing a regular bet and a side streak bet. When the player wins the hand, they will receive money for the regular bet, but not the streak bet. Instead, the chip on the streak bet gets moved to the 2nd streak spot.

Now for example, if the player wins the first bet and places another regular bet and a streak bet, there will be 3 total bets in play. If the second wager is won, the player will win the regular bet at a 1:1 payout and the streak side bet chip will move to the second streak spot. The chip that was already in play on the Second streak bet will pay out 1:1 and will advance to the 3rd streak position with a higher payout.

The highest streak bet position is the 5th streak. The payout for a Third streak is 2:1, the payout for the Forth streak is 5:1 and finally, a high fifth streak payout is 10:1. This means that if a player wins 5 hands in a row, they will start winning $10 for every $1 wagered on the high streak bonus bet. In theory, if a player continues making the side bets, they can have chips on every streak position at once. For example, if a player has won 5 in a row on just $1 bets, they could win up to $19 per $1 bet!

How to play high streak European blackjack

European blackjack is different than American blackjack because it is not a hole card game. This means that the player is dealt two cards faced up and the dealer only gets one card faced up. The dealer is dealt the last card to himself after the player has stood on a card or gone bust. Learning how to play the game is simple though, a player is trying to get a sum of 21 with their cards without going over 21. If either the dealer or player goes over 21, they automatically lose. If a player gets a hard 21, this is known as a blackjack and this pays out 3:2 in high streak blackjack.

Because the player has the high streak bonus options, the house gains an advantage on a rule that says the dealer must stand on all 17s. Usually the rule is the house stands on soft 17s only, so it gives the dealer a greater chance of going bust when they are forced to hit on a hard 17. What is a hard 17? It means that the player or dealer gets a 17 with only the first two cards dealt. It is a soft 17 when more than 2 cards are used to get 17.

High streak European blackjack strategy and charts

A few other features give the player options to get insurance, split and double down in their betting strategy. Since there are more 10s in the deck than any other card, the strategy is getting dealt an ace brings the greatest chance of a blackjack and winning higher streaks. This is where the blackjack insurance strategy comes into play. A player can pay insurance when an ace comes up on the dealer's hand. If the dealer has a blackjack, the player gets all their money back.

Fortunately, some online casinos such as CasinoMax and those listed at the end of this writing have strategy charts built right into their game, including all the other variations of blackjack. These are mathematical and colorful tables of numbers and strategic moves a player should make based on all possible dealt hands. This "cheat sheet" is built directly into the game, so there is no need to search online for them. Plus, each game has a different strategy card, so this prevents people from getting the wrong blackjack strategy from the wrong cards and charts.

Free high streak blackjack tutorials

Visitors can play for free and also learn how to play high streak European blackjack at CasinoMax and their blackjack tutorials. You really can't learn how to play reading this article, it's always best to actually play the game and practice with fake money and chips. When a player knows the game well enough, there is always the real money side of the game where players can wager and win real cash.

Blackjack for US players

US players can also play this game at CasinoMax. Even though the name of the game is European blackjack, it is just another variation and style of the classic game. Players located in the USA should view the list on the side or the casinos listed below to find all casinos that accept American players.

Gold series tables and VIP high streak blackjack

Also at CasinoMax is the gold series tables and the VIP lounge. First, the gold series tables are basically very modern online blackjack tables. The graphics are 3-D and the gameplay is much smoother. Besides this high quality blackjack, players can also join the VIP lounge by invitation after meeting the VIP requirements. Players can play in their own personal blackjack suite and play high stakes blackjack. As you may notice, many casinos don't offer betting maximums over $300 or $500. The VIP blackjack lounge is mostly for high rollers who want to play high stakes blackjack for $1000 or $5000 per hand. That's why it's built as a personal gambler's suite to your own specifications.

European high streak blackjack bonuses and current promotions

The list below are casinos that accept European high streak blackjack specifically along with many other varieties of blackjack and casino games such as slots, craps and roulette. CasinoMax (a very old and reputable casino brand) is giving players a 100% match up to $777 welcome bonus, which can be used for blackjack or any other casino games. These promotional coupons also apply to US players as well. If any of these promotions seem interesting, click on the banner to be taken to the special promotional landing page where the bonus will automatically be applied to a new registered account. lol blackjack saves the hassle of player having to search around the internet for coupon "codes" to enter in, it's built directly into the promotional banner.

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