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Double Exposure Blackjack

Double exposure blackjack is one of the most interesting and entertaining variations of blackjack around. This game is sometimes known as dealer disclosure blackjack or face up 21 blackjack. The most exciting feature of this game is the fact that both dealer cards are showing, there are no hole cards. This is also different than European blackjack since two cards are dealt face up instead of just one. Also, this game is played with a shoe full of 8 decks of 52 standard cards.

How to play double exposure blackjack

The objective in all blackjack games is to get a 21 from the sum of cards dealt to the player. This is also ideally true for double exposure as well. This game is unique in that since both the dealer's cards are exposed, sometimes the goal is only to get anything greater than 17. The dealer must hit on all soft 17s though. A soft 17 means that the sum of more than three cards is 17. A hard 17 would be a sum of 17 from only the first two cards dealt and the dealer must stand on this.

Double exposure rules and strategy

Because of the great benefit of the dealer disclosure of both cards, the house must get an advantage in return. In double exposure blackjack, players will only receive 1:1 payout on a 21 blackjack. Also, if there is a tie, the dealer will always win except on tied blackjacks. Players do not get a "push" or get money back like they would in normal blackjack games.

The exposed dealer cards make this game of blackjack very interesting. For example, if the dealer has gets a hard 17, all the player has to do is get anything higher than that by hitting the cards. They can also just stand on a winning and automatically win! It's also fun if the dealer has a 20, the player must keep hitting and hope for a 21, you always know what you have to beat.

The rules also don't allow for insurance or the early surrender in double exposure blackjack. Players may split, double down, hit and stand. The strategy behind the whole game has to do with the number of 10s. There are more 10s in the deck than any other card because jacks, queens and kings equal ten. This means the probability of getting a 10 is more likely in hands. In this game, the strategy involves the odds of the player getting a 10.

Strategy cheat sheets for double exposure blackjack

Many players know what cheat sheets are. These are colorful tables that show every combination of dealer and player hands and the mathematically best move to make with those hands. These charts give the player the best possible edge and odds of winning. These are normally found online, but there is a much better place to get them and you'll see where next. There are a few online casinos including Slots Capital who have these strategy charts built right into the game itself! When players click on the strategy button, the chart pops up in the middle of game play to guide the best blackjack moves.

You may wonder why an online casino does this. The fact is, the casino always has the edge in every game including double exposure casino blackjack, except players who count cards. These casinos just want to be the best online casinos out there, and this is the only online casino that has strategy cheat sheets built into the game. Another reason why this is very convenient is the fact that players mistakenly find a blackjack strategy card online, but it ends up being the wrong card for the wrong game, and this mistake gives the casino a much bigger edge in blackjack. Slots Capital on the other hand has the correct strategy sheet for every blackjack game, including double exposure blackjack and no other online casino does this! This is the best online casino for blackjack players.

Online tutorials for double exposure blackjack

If you really want to learn how to play double exposure blackjack, the best way is to just play it for free over at Slots Capital. Players can try out the strategy cards at the same time and learn the many variations of blackjack and other casino games including craps, roulette, slots, video poker and much more. They have many tutorials and strategy guides for players. When the player has enough confidence in the game, it's just as easy to enter the real money casino where players can play double exposure with real money and win real cash.

Slots Capital accepts US players for online blackjack

In case you didn't know, Slots Capital allows US players to gamble at their casino. US players located in the USA can wager real money or just practice for free with fake money. There are a handful of other online blackjack casinos that accept US players as well and you'll find these throughout lol blackjack.

Double exposure gold series and VIP blackjack club

Players can now play the double exposure blackjack gold series game, which is the same game, but better tables. These tables offer faster smoother graphics and 3-D animations. The gold edition games are build on the most modern casino software on the internet, so players can trust the fair game play with the fairest algorithm.

Another major plus at Black Diamond Casino is the VIP lounge (invite-only). Players who meet the requirement and wish to play high stakes Vegas style blackjack can receive or request invitation into a personal casino suite that includes many casino games including double exposure blackjack. This VIP club is truly for the high rollers and loyal VIP members. Get VIP quality comps such as generous gifts and vacations. Best of all, players get the highest blackjack stakes on the internet of $1000 to $5000 a hand. It's so exclusive; even we haven't seen the inside!

Double exposure deposit bonuses and current promotions

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