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Triple 7s Blackjack

Triple 7s blackjack is one of the few variations of blackjack that offer a progressive jackpot. The game is played just like any other variation of blackjack games, but the rules are slightly different. This game is played using five (5) standard decks of 52 cards and follows the general 21 rules.

Triple 7s progressive jackpot blackjack

This is one of the only blackjack games with a progressive jackpot. In order to win a blackjack jackpot, players will have to match three diamond suited 7 cards. Often times at Cherry Jackpot, the jackpot reaches $100000 or more than $100K. There are also smaller payouts for players who make a jackpot side bet.

A triple 7s progressive jackpot bet is fixed at $1. When the player is dealt any 7 card of any suit, they will win a payout of 5:1, or five dollars for every one dollar betted. The next highest blackjack bonus is when a player gets two 7s off suited for a payout of 25:1 or $25 for every $1. The third payout is when a player gets two suited 7s and wins a bonus payout of 50:1 or fifty dollars for every one dollar bet.

The next payouts in the progressive bonus side game are when players get triple 7s. A player must hit to get three sevens because of being dealt 2 cards originally, just like the normal rules of blackjack. As we all know, three sevens turn out to be 21, which is the highest hand in blackjack. When a player has two 7s and hits for three 7s off suited, the payout is 250:1 and suited 7s is 1000:1. Finally, if the player gets three suited 7s in diamond suit, the player will win the triple 7s progressive jackpot.

Rules and how to play triple 7s blackjack

Just like any other blackjack, 21 is the highest hand possible. A blackjack pays out 3:2 and the player can take insurance,split cards and double down in bets. Insurance pays 2:1 when the dealer gets a hard 21. The only major difference is the dealer must stand on all 17s, which slightly brings down the odds for the player and the house gains an edge.

Triple sevens strategy charts "cheat sheets"

Advanced players may know what strategy tables are. They are colorful blackjack charts that show every possible combination of blackjack moves hand for hand against the dealer. They give instructions on what to do for every hand in order to give the player the best mathematical advantage and probability of winning. These charts are not considered true cheating in blackjack though because the casino always has the edge, and this is also not the same as card counting.

Players can normally find these throughout the web, but Cherry Jackpot has the strategy tables built right into the game itself. It prevents players from looking up the wrong chart for the wrong blackjack game. For example, triple 7s blackjack has slight rule variations, so the strategy changes. Cherry Jackpot has the correct strategy card built just for triple 7s casino blackjack.

Triple 7s blackjack tutorials and tips

Cherry Jackpot also has the tutorial available for new players with beginner's experience. Players can play blackjack for free with fake money and learn the game safely before moving on. Unfortunately, players can't play triple 7s blackjack for free because it is a progressive blackjack game, but players can learn the general blackjack strategy with similar rules. For example, players can play the Atlantic City Blackjack tutorial, which has nearly the same rules as triple 7s blackjack, except it has 8 decks of cards and minus the progressive triple seven jackpots and bonus side games.

High stakes triple 7s blackjack for VIP high rollers

There are games for high rollers looking for high stakes blackjack at Cherry Jackpot VIP lounge casino. The VIP lounge is an exclusive casino suite for high rollers and VIPs by request or invitation. When a player has met the requirements to enter the VIP lounge, they may play much higher stakes than normal online casinos. VIP players may also play triple sevens blackjack and all the other games, but with $1000 or $5000 per hand high stakes betting. Not only do VIP players get high table limits, but will also receive VIP quality comps such as large casino bonuses, gifts and even getaways, cruises and vacations!

Bonuses and promotions for progressive triple 7s blackjack

The bonuses shown on the banners below are being offered for players looking for triple 7s online blackjack. Cherry Jackpot is offering a $4000 welcome bonus at a 400% match rate - and many periodic bonuses each week. Click on the banner to be directed to the casino promotional landing page where the bonus will automatically be applied to the player's account upon registration. Also, US players can get into the action and play blackjack. Any casinos listed under the American flag here at lol blackjack will allow US players to gamble with real money and win real cash.

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