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Vegas Strip Blackjack

Vegas strip blackjack is another variation of blackjack. The game play and table set up is the same as all the other variations of blackjack games, but the thing that makes Vegas strip different is the number of decks played and small differences in the rules of the game as you'll see below. This page is for all players including US players. The casinos listed here are now accepting US players, who can play Vegas strip blackjack.

Learn how to play Vegas Strip blackjack

The big difference in this game is the number of decks being played. Vegas strip uses 4 decks in each shoe, which is shuffled before every game. The goal of Vegas strip blackjack is to get a sum of 21 form the two first cards dealt. Jacks, Queens and Kings are worth 10 points, so just like any form of blackjack, 10s are more numerous than any other number in the game. Aces can be used as 1 or 11 points. If a player or the dealer gets a 10 with an ace, this is known as getting a blackjack hand. Vegas strip will use these general rules.

Blackjack rules and strategies to win Vegas Strip games

In this game, a blackjack still pays the usual 3:2 payout, so for every $2 a player bets, they will receive $3 when they are dealt a twenty-one sum blackjack hand. Otherwise payouts are 1:1 when beating the dealer's hand. The rules in this game allow Vegas strip style blackjack to be an American hole card game, which means that the dealer has one card facing up and one hole card facing down, which players cannot see. As a matter of fact, there are some blackjack varieties that let players see both of the dealer's cards, but the blackjack payout is decreased. The dealer must stand on a soft 17. A soft 17 means that there are more than two cards that add up to 17.

Vegas strip insurance blackjack bet payouts

Since Vegas strip is a hole card game, players may buy insurance on bets. A player can buy insurance when the dealer has an ace on the face up card. The reason players are allowed insurance is because there are more ten point cards in the entire shoe of cards than any other number, so there is a greater chance of the dealer hitting 21. So a player can pay insurance, which is 50% or half of the original bet. If the dealer actually has 21, the player can win a payout of 2:1 on that insurance bet, so they get all of their money back.

Online Vegas strip blackjack tutorials

Rather than reading an article about learning how to play Vegas strip blackjack, the best way to learn how to play is to actually practice the game with fake money. CasinoMax is one of the few online casinos that hold this game and allow US players to play for real money as well. They have a tutorial built right into the game itself so players can play free Vegas strip blackjack for practice with fake money. There are tutorials for every difference kind of blackjack and other casino games here as well. When players are confident with their gaming skills, they can play for real money as well.

Vegas strip "cheat sheet" strategy card for blackjack

I'm sure many players have heard of the blackjack cheat sheet or strategy card. They are usually colorful tables of numbers which show the best moves to make given a player's dealt hand and the dealers face up card. They usually tell the best mathematical and statistical probability of winning blackjack for every hand and move. Players are given advice on when to hit or get another card, stand on their current hand or double down. Well, there is no longer any need to hunt around the internet for these strategy cards; they are now built right into the casino software.

CasinoMax has the strategy cards for players who want the best probability in winning. There is a strategy sheet for every different type of blackjack built right into the game, so a player can open it up right in the software. Each variation of blackjack uses different rules and these cards are great for learning each game individually and building up a strategy. The casinos do this because it's convenient for the player. Players will find these cards on the internet anyways, so why not just make their casino the best one out there by providing these strategy cards for Vegas strip blackjack!

VIP Club and Vegas strip high roller blackjack

CasinoMax also has a VIP club for high rollers. This VIP program is special because it's only by invitation or request by players for higher stakes betting. We know that there are plenty of high rollers out there, but many online casinos that don't provide high enough betting maximums in casino games. The VIP lounge program or Viper casino lets players have their own exclusive and personal casino suite tailored just for the high roller. So players can play Vegas strip blackjack for $1000 a hand or more, depending on what you request to the casino. This is a true blackjack VIP program since loyal players are given cruises and travel opportunities like real Las Vegas casinos.

Gold Vegas strip blackjack series games

CasinoMax also offers the regular and the gold series casino games. The difference between the Vegas strip gold and regular blackjack is the graphics and game play as well as built in strategy features. The graphics are 3-D now and games are smoother to play on gold version tables. Vegas strip blackjack gold edition games are now the most modern and smoothest online blackjack tables on the internet.

Bonuses and promotions for Vegas strip blackjack

CasinoMax, a highly respected online casino that has been in business for many years, is offering a 100% match bonus up to $777 - along with a wide range of weekly promotions and bonuses. The list below ranks casinos that are offering online Vegas strip blackjack games along with their currently running and best promotional bonuses. As mentioned above, there are only a handful of casinos that offer such a wide variety of blackjack games and accept US players at the same time.

CasinoMax Blackjack
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