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Big Five (5) Blackjack

Big five blackjack is just one of the many varieties of blackjack games. The big difference in big 5 blackjack is the number of decks. As the name says, this game is using 5 decks of 52 standard cards. The rest of the rules are very similar to regular classic blackjack. Another difference is the early surrender option.

How to play big five blackjack

The objective of the game is to get a sum of 21 from cards dealt to you. If a player gets a hard 21, or a sum of twenty one from only the first two cards dealt, this is known as a blackjack and the player wins 150% of the bet or 3:2. The goal is not to go over 21 either, which is a bust and both the dealer and player automatically lose if they go bust.

Big 5 blackjack is an American hole card game, which means that the dealer is dealt a hole card or faced down card and one card that is faced up. The dealer may not peek at the hole card. This game also allows insurance and surrender, which are two differences between regular blackjack and big five blackjack. The insurance rule allows players to take insurance when a dealer has an ace showing. If the dealer happens to have a blackjack, the player wins a 2:1 payout on the insurance, which was half of the original bet. The player would receive the original bet back rather than losing.

Big 5 blackjack rules and strategy

In any blackjack game, there are more 10s in the deck than any other number because jacks, queens and kings count as 10s. This is the main purpose for the strategy involved in big five blackjack. The reason players want to take insurance in some cases when the dealer is showing an ace is the chances are much greater that the hole card has a 10 and the dealer will receive a blackjack. Aces are worth 1 or 11 and the objective of the game is to get a sum of 21.

There is also the strategy of splitting aces up as well. The best possible hand a player can be dealt is an ace and a ten of course, but if a player does not have the blackjack, the best two cards to split are aces in any blackjack game. Then it would only take two 10s to be dealt to the two aces to get hard blackjacks on two split hands. The worst card that the dealer can have is a 6 showing since the dealer must hit on soft 17s. They will be forced to take at least 3 cards and the chances are much greater that they will go bust, especially if they get two 10s.

Big five blackjack strategy charts and "cheat sheets"

There are many different variations of blackjack games and each has it's own strategy because of the minor rule changes. One strategy card may not work for another blackjack game. Big five for example has strategy involved with the early surrender option that players can take. Luckily, we know where to point players to find these cheat sheets. Black Diamond Casino is an online blackjack casino with about 40 different blackjack games and 300 other casino games. Each blackjack game has a colorful strategy card or table which shows every possible move the player can make hand for hand.

These charts are built right into the game itself. Just click on a button to pull up the chart. This isn't considered cheating and the casino will always have the edge, but these cards give the player the best mathematical advantage a player can possibly have. The big 5 blackjack strategy sheet being built into the game is just more convenient for the casino player so they don't have to search around online for cards, only to find out that they have the wrong strategy card for the wrong type of blackjack. Black Diamond Casino among a few others listed below are the only casinos that do this!

Online tutorials for big five blackjack

If you are truly wanted to learn how to play, we would recommend actually playing the free game. Black Diamond Casino also has a tutorial built right into the game itself (along with the strategy chart). Practice makes perfect and there is no better way to learn how to play big five than to just play it with practice fake money. Not only is big 5 playable, players can also try out the other blackjack games as well, including casino slots, craps, roulette, video poker and 300 other games for free. When confident enough, players can jump right into real money games and gamble wagers to win real cash.

US players are welcome, blackjack is US friendly

If you are located in the USA, US players can also play these games and bet with real money as well. Black Diamond Casino is one of the few online casinos now that are accepting US players for blackjack and other casino games. American players don't even have to deposit money to play for free, but real money blackjack is always available.

Big five gold series tables and VIP blackjack

Black Diamond Casino now holds the most modern blackjack tables on the internet, called the gold series edition. They have the newest graphics and game play as well as 3-D animations. The big five blackjack gold edition games are truly the freshest games in online casinos.

Also available at Black Diamond Casino is the VIP lounge, which is an exclusive personal casino suite for high rollers. It's so exclusive; even we haven't seen the inside! When a player has met the requirements listed at Black Diamond Casino over 60 days, they can request or receive invitation to the VIP lounge casino. Since this is a private online casino suite, players can personalize their betting to luxurious high stakes blackjack betting. If you are a high roller looking for $1000 or $5000 bets per hand of big five blackjack or any other game, this is something to look into. You just don't find many high stakes blackjack tables in other online casinos.

Big 5 blackjack bonuses and current promotions

There are a few big promotions running for online big five or other games. Black Diamond Casino is offering an UNLIMITED 200% match welcome bonus (for 7 days), plus many periodic specials and promoations. The other casinos listed below also have big five blackjack available. If interested in a promotion, click on the banner to be taken to the special promotional landing page. The bonus will be applied to your account automatically upon registration. Now there is no need to search around and enter coupon codes hidden throughout the web!

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